Tired of shopping with a mask on and following arrows to complete your grocery shopping? Grocery pick-up is nice, but what if you're at home with the kids while they're attending virtual classes?

Well, Hannaford has a solution!

They've rolled out same-day delivery to two-thirds of their locations across the state which includes all locations in Southern Maine according to the Portland Press Herald.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

This service is provided through Instacart, a personal shopper app where someone shops for you and then delivers to your home. This service typically goes for $99 a year plus tips.

No worries about coming into contact with the driver/shopper. Instacart gives the option and recommendation for the groceries to be delivered contactless by leaving them by the door.

It's a great option to have and another example of how businesses are shifting, modifying, and adapting to these unique times.

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