Tacos in Maine

I grew up here in Maine and have lived here for the majority of my life but I recently escaped the harsh winters and lived down in Miami for a few years. I used to live a sheltered little life where Taco Bell exceeded my taco needs but then I moved down south and my world was rocked.

Miami has its pros and cons but one thing I do miss the most is the diverse culinary scene. Maine has its fantastic restaurants, don’t get me wrong, but we are really slacking in the Mexican food department.

We have great taco joints I do frequent but they just don’t hit the spot the way they potentially could; It’s all about perfecting that corn tortilla, having the right sauce per filling, and being generous with the pickled veggies and cotija cheese.

A dear friend of mine is even more of a taco connoisseur than I am, to the point of traveling to SoCal and Tijuana just for tacos and tequila, so when he texted me about the best tacos he’s ever had in Maine, I NEEDED to know more.

Disco Jalisco, a Taco Joint Presented by Tomasos Canteen

The local favorite, Tomasos Canteen, slings tacos on Tuesdays until they sell out, and trust me… they sell out. I have been trying to grab tacos there weekly for a while now but never make it in time, which is pretty impressive given how small the spot is. That means a LOT of people are going in for those tacos.

But do not fret! We are close to having practically unlimited Tomasos Tacos here soon. The spot posted on Instagram about a food truck coming in the near future… A food truck specifically for slinging their infamous tacos!!

Townsquare Media

I did recently have the pleasure of finally experiencing a Disco Jalisco taco, which is the taco joint presented by Tomasos. Disco Jalisco did a pop-up event at Rathskeller where the Wharf Street restaurant offered nothing from their own menu and strictly had Disco’s fare.

Townsquare Media

It was my first time having catfish, which I found to be flavorful with the right texture for a fish taco, but the tortilla was just so well made and the fish paired so well with the collard green slaw.

I am REALLY looking forward to this food truck. They should be breaking in their wheels soon…

When I die, bury me in cotija cheese.

Here Are 25 of The Best Places to Get Tacos in Maine

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