He did these lists for years, so I'm doing one about all of his years. 

As we say goodbye to Dave tonight, I think of all the things we'll miss from his show; stupid pet tricks, throwing footballs into cabs driving by the Ed Sullivan Theatre, dropping things from high above the Theatre to make them go splash, stupid human tricks and so on and so forth. There's a lot we'll miss as fans let's face it, but I'm not sure anything has stood the test of time and last as long on Dave's show, then the Top 10 List.

So, from the home office in Portland, Maine

Here are the Top 10 Things I Will Miss Most About Late Nite With David Letterman.

#10 Dave's repeat guests on like Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Regis and Martin Short.

#9 Dave flinging pencils at the camera and out the window behind him

#8 Monologues that actually feel like real late nite comedic based monologues

#7 Dave's respect and occasional reference to Johnny Carson 

#6 Dave acknowledging the drummers in bands and their drums

#5 Dave giving comedians a break to do stand up on the show

#4 Will Lee sliding out a bassline whenever Dave says something sexy 

#3 The legendary gap in Dave's upper teeth 

#2 Paul Shaffer and band

and of Top 10 Things I Will Miss Most About Late Nite With David Letterman The #1 Thing I will miss most.... is, Dave's Top 10 Lists


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