Whether you consider yourself to be a member of the LGBTQ community or not, you may have clicked on this article because you saw the words "cheapest" and "homebuyers", which is understandable, as the current buyers market continues to be a tricky one. While we've progressed to a time where it's easier to live in certain cities than it was ten or twenty years ago, members of the LGBTQ community still want their home to fit them and their lifestyles, as well as their budget.

You may be asking, what factors are considered when coming up with the list of best towns for LGBTQ homebuyers? According to Realtor.com, they looked into some smaller cities that are gay-friendly and budget-friendly. They then did some research on the overall communities and laws to determine which leaned more favorably towards the LGBTQ community.

Some of the U.S. Census Bureau data that Reatlor.com used included median home list prices in the 100 largest cities across the nation, and the states with the highest percentage of same-sex couples per 10,000 residents. They then conducted additional research to determine which communities leaned more favorably towards the LGBTQ community.

With all of their data compiled, they ranked Worcester, Massachusetts, as the best and cheapest city for LGBTQ Homebuyers. Notice we said cheapEST, not cheap.

1. Worcester, MA

2. Rochester, NY

3. Portland, OR

4. Sacramento, CA

5. Baltimore, MD

If you are gay and want to know where not to move, Metro Weekly recently reported that Memphis, Tennessee, is the least gay-friendly city in the US.

With the real estate market now out of the equation, USA Today reported last year that the best state for LGBTQ members to reside in is New York, while the worst is South Carolina. 

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