If you're a concertgoer who's sick of missing opportunities to land tickets due to bots and ticket resale scalpers, you're going to want to read this. Fave is a new social media platform that requires music lovers to prove their fandom to unlock certain fan experiences provided by specific artists.

The app was launched in April of 2021 and has already received support from major music labels, including Warner and Sony. Similar to Ticketmaster, Fave has its own Fan Verification system, but unlike Ticketmaster, it requires users to show how much of a fan they are of a particular artist, through means such as streaming activity, merchandise collections, how many concerts they've already attended and more. All Ticketmaster's process entails is a couple of questions, and it doesn't even guarantee that people will have a chance to purchase tickets at all when they go on sale.

Fave utilizes a ranking system, which fans can work their way up through as they display their fandom more and more. Thus, they can go from Fan, to Verified Fan, to Verified Superfan, which will be displayed exhibited on their user profile. The higher up users go in the rankings, the more rewards they can gain access to, which are provided by the artists themselves and other collaborators. The rewards range from concerts to listening parties and more.

“On Fave, top-fan status and access to exclusive experiences are not just reserved to the people who can afford it or got lucky in some random giveaway — neither of those correlate to how passionate and deserving of a fan you are,” Fave founder and CEO Jacquelle Amankonah Horton said in a press release. "Instead, fans earn these experiences through the authentic, heartfelt activities they’ve already been doing.”

The press release further noted that the app has become increasingly popular recently amongst fans of pop sensation Harry Styles, but rock and metal fans also know how frustrating it can be trying to buy tickets and other exclusive items from the bands they love. Hopefully, this tool is one step toward combatting scalpers, resale vendors and other individuals who don't have any intentions of attending the show when they buy tickets.

Download the Fave app on your mobile phone here.

Alright, Maggots. It's time to gather your Slipknot collection. You too, Metallica fans. And we certainly can't forget Tool.


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