This sounds way more fun than Pokemon Go

Remember a few years ago, everyone was playing Pokemon Go? It swept the nation in no time, way before COVID ruined everything and people needed reasons to get out and do things. In fact, Pokemon may have even experienced a slight resurgence during COVID, because what the heck else were we gonna do?

But right now, as we head into winter with cases surging everywhere, people will once again be looking for something new to do. Enter Joe Musumeci. He's created an app for your smartphone that will send you on various quests in a few different towns, basically like a digital scavenger hunt. The app is called Story Trails of Maine.

A true case of making lemons into lemonade

Musumeci came up with the idea when his escape rooms in Farmington closed due to the pandemic. So he came up with this idea as a way to keep people active, physically and mentally, while also having fun outdoors in a safe way, which has pretty much been the pandemic mantra.

Currently, there are only three towns that host the various challenges. Farmington, China, and Orono, with one in the works for Livermore. Musumeci says the only thing holding him back from going bigger is simply finding towns and/or businesses to partner with. As that grows, so will the app, according to NewsCenter.

It sounds like a lot of fun, and thankfully, we have an option here in the Bangor area. Towns around the state will inevitably want to get on board as awareness of the app grows. So enjoy it now, at the ground level. You'll literally be able to brag to people that you've been doing it way longer than they have. That's the best part, right?

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