Portland's Bayside neighborhood is about to get a little more Greek.

The sleuths over at Portland Food Map recently reported that the popular food truck The Greeks of Peaks has leased a popular spot in the trendy neighborhood with the intention of opening their first brick and mortar location. The plan is for the shop to be open for both lunch and dinner.

The location is right on the corner of Anderson and Fox Streets. It was once home to Baharat Restaurant, which was also a former food truck.

According to Portland Food Map, the concept will resemble a Greek taverna and offer fast casual favorites for lunch. Dinner will be more traditional and utilize Greek flavors and seasonings to enhance the menu.

This is extremely exciting news for both the neighborhood and city. Not only is The Greeks of Peaks delicious, it's also a small local business that continues to thrive in a completive field.

Greeks of Peaks via Instagram
The Greeks of Peaks via Instagram

Greeks of Peaks has been a staple on the Portland food truck scene for quite some time. When not at the American legion on Peaks Island, the truck can easily be found at catering events or at breweries, parks, and even Thompson's Point for shows.

The truck built an incredible following over the years, from its start in 2017 to the long lines you can find at shows and beyond. This news of this future restaurant location will be welcome news for their multitudes of fans.

The Greeks of Peaks via Instagram
The Greeks of Peaks via Instagram

However, it hasn't always been easy. Just last year, Greeks of Peaks was dealt a significant blow when their food truck on Peaks Island was demolished in a bad storm.

Fortunately, the community stepped right in to help out fundraising to help offset some of the damage costs. According to Portland Food Map, the money that was raised will ensure a truck will remain in operation on the island, even with the opening of the new brick and mortar.

According to Greeks of Peaks Instagram page, you can expect the restaurant to be open in the spring of 2024. I must say I am very much looking forward to it.

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