It's always cool to see a local person make it on a national game show, right? You may want to make sure you're free tonight (Tuesday, October 11) at 7:30, because New England will be represented on the next episode of Jeopardy! airing on ABC.

Mike Elliott from Derry, New Hampshire

According to the official Jeopardy! website, one of the three contestants on tonight's episode is from Derry, New Hampshire. Mike Elliott is simply listed as a "meat cutter," which could literally cover so many things -- a butcher, a slicer at the deli at the grocery store, etc.

But there's a chance he could tell an amazing story about himself tonight that goes way beyond just being a big-time Jeopardy! fan that's been trying to get on the show for years.

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Mike Elliott will forever be known as a hero

According to the Derry News, back in April 2013, Mike was one of six complete strangers involved in saving a woman's life in Londonderry.

A woman named Laurie Donofrio was traveling along Gilcreast Road when a medical event caused her to lose control of her car, crash into a guardrail, and land upside down in Beaver Brook, unconscious.

The Derry News reported that Mike and four other drivers passing by all pulled over and ran to Laurie's aid, joined by a nearby resident who heard the crash happen. After failing to open the passenger door, the six men together rolled the partially submerged car back over, broke a window to gain access, and used a knife to cut a seatbelt that was wrapped around her neck.

As soon as the seatbelt was cut, Laurie, who was said to appear gray at the time,  gasped, coughed up water, and began breathing again.


Here's hoping that after tonight, we're not only calling Mike Elliott of Derry a hero, but also a Jeopardy! champion.

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