Openings and closings for the Maine Mall are nothing new, as trends in retail are always in flux. Right before the busy holiday season, the Maine Mall saw several new stores open, with most of them not just "seasonal" offerings. Despite the holidays being over, another new store is set to open inside the Maine Mall that will interest many, especially if you love the outdoors.

Rack Attack is Set to Open in the Maine Mall

The store's called Rack Attack, a nationwide retailer that specializes in vehicle racks in a ton of different varieties. The company started with one store back in 1993, and over the course of nearly three decades, has now expanded into 36 locations across the country. Their first in Maine is coming soon.

via Rack Attack
via Rack Attack

What Does Rack Attack Offer?

Rack Attack offers every vehicle rack category, including bike racks, canoe racks, ski racks, and kayak racks. If you're more of an outdoor adventurer that needs a rooftop tent or a cargo box for your vehicle, Rack Attack will have that. Not only that, but they install everything they sell in the store. They promise to carry inventory that other similar retailers can't compete with. Beyond racks, they sell trailer hitches as well.

The Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine, on June 21, 2019.
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When Will Rack Attack Open in the Maine Mall?

As of this writing, Rack Attack is available to fulfill online orders for curbside pickup. As they continue to fill out their knowledgeable staff and put the finishing touches on their showroom, their opening at the Maine Mall appears to be 2 to 3 weeks away.


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