There's so many happy green people right now! Here's some great news only to be followed by a reminder that even network TV won't be free much longer. 

Great news Trekkies... Star Trek is launching a new series on CBS in 2017!




Great news right? It's the continuation of one of the greatest tv series and programs of all time. Die hard fans are stoked bigtime! Ok, now here's the pill to swallow. Your first episode, the premier is free. It will air on CBS in two years or less. Then, you need to subscribe to their CBS ALL Access digital streaming thing to boldly go where no man has ever gone before.

Paying for tv is a reality, I know. Fair play? Certainly. Unfortunately, but certainly. This one just stings a bit knowing it's history and how many people were whisked away to other galaxies for free! It just seems a bit harsh to charge Trekkies and not to.. Patriots fans! Or fans of the Big Bang Theory. Yeah this one stings a bit. AND I'M NOT EVEN A TREKKIE!!

If there's one thing in this world that is so true and so right i this situation it is the words of the good Doctor Spock, may he rest in peace... "Live Long and Prosper".

I'm not sure this is how he meant the word prosper though.