My fellow nerds (and everyone else), I have wonderful news for us all. There's a new joint opening in Portland that will cater to one of our true passions, board games. Oh, and it's going to be a hip bar and cafe, too.

According to the culinary sleuths over at Portland Food Map, this new venture will be called Another Round, and will be opening at 549 Congress Street. That puts it right in the heart of Portland's popular Art's district, where many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are already prospering.

According to the article, Another Round (great play on words, by the way) will have around 250 games, from classics to newer hits. And of course, this will include the Portland version of Monopoly.

As for the cafe and bar side of things, here's a little of what the owner Harry Sultan told Portland Food Map the plan is going to be.

Another Round will be serving brewed and espresso-based coffees, local beers on tap, wine, a selection of cocktails as well as nonalcoholic options...Another Round will also have a light food program including pastries for their morning coffee customers and light fare throughout the day.

This is really exciting news for the city. Board games have been the rage for quite some time. Game rooms around the area have been open for years, but a full-fledged cafe dedicated to them is taking it to another level. I mean, who would want to fire up a game of Dominion, Settlers of Catan, or something old school like Sorry!, while enjoying some quality beverages and a nice, elevated snack? I think this will be a perfect fit for Portland, and I think you can tell I'm excited.

According to Portland Food Map, Sultan is hoping to be open by the start of summer. So, you better be ready to get your game on once the weather clears up.

You can get more info about the upcoming venture in the article, including a lot of good stuff on the design and build out. It's really cool stuff.

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