It's one of those things that just shouldn't happen and the kind of story that is likely to make your blood boil. Two solid waste employees working for the Nashua Public Works were working their normal route when they stumbled upon something that seemed to be off. When they took a closer look, they found a gorgeous cat, placed into a plastic bag and then tossed into a trash bin like rubbish.

According to Nashua Public Works on Facebook, the two employees, named Jeff and Carla, acting quickly to save the cat. They contacted their foreman and quickly contacted the Nashua Police Department as well. After removing the cat from the plastic bag and trash bin, they keep the cat in their truck until an animal control officer could arrive and assist.

The two employees later checked to see how the cat was doing and found that it was adapting well to its new surroundings at the Nashua Humane Society. The hope is that this beautiful cat will be find a forever home sooner rather than later.

The Nashua Police Department will investigate how the cat ended up in a plastic bag in a trash bin as well as whom may be the prior owner of the cat.

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