You've probably heard the expression, "It's written all over his face." Nine Inch Nails are allowing you to share your mood even though your face may be covered due to the current pandemic with their new line of facial mask coverings.

The new Nine Inch Nails modular face masks come in black and grey with a space on said masks to include a message letting those you come into contact with knowing exactly how you feel. The initial pack includes such NIN-referencing messages as: dirty, fragile, clean, pig, numb, asleep, enraged, awake, broken, compliant, fixed and resistant, along with the NIN logo.

In addition, there is an expansion pack that includes messaging for obsolete, ready, alone, believer, resentful, delusional, infected, contagious, withdrawn, dead, entitled, disappointed and doomed.

The masks come with an adjustable nose band, a hook and loop fastening system, an adjustable ringlet, an interior filter pocket, a 3D chin panel and triple layered cotton protection. They are also machine washable. The "patches" are 4" wide.

The initial pack with the masks is going for $35, while the expansion pack with additional messaging is $15. Get yours here.

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