Vanity plates are a big hit in Maine, and since the rules were relaxed a few years, you'll find almost anything on license plates from quips to outright expletives. So when it comes to the vanity plate game, what if the year 2020 wanted to get in on the action? Dumpster fire is too many letters to fit on a lobster plate, so what could be the next best thing? Probably this.

Shared on Facebook by Vanity of Maine, this sums up a lot of people's feelings about this year in general. Like WTF, man? Several commenters on the post proclaimed that they wish they had thought of that vanity plated before the person driving this Chevrolet Aveo did. That's just how the game works.

We will say that this vanity plate is far better than some of the "homemade" vanity plates that were showing up this spring and summer throughout Vacationland while registrations were temporarily on hold. Several brown paper bag plates were spotted throughout Maine, most of them with COVID-19 hand-scribbled as the vanity. In fact, seeing enough of those plates probably led to whomever drives that Chevy Aveo to go, "2020, WTF"?

Just a couple more months and it'll be a new year. "2021 YAY" anyone?

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