We live in a time when people are expecting the worst over and over again.

For instance, take this sign that was recently spotted in Biddeford. On the surface, it may seem to people that someone got ahold of the letters, and put a derogatory message in hopes of being funny or hurting that business.

We saw several different posts on social media calling it "stupid" and asking "who does this?". We'll spare those people the embarrassment of reposting their guttural reactions and instead bring everyone in on the joke.

Via Aidan Madigan
Via Aidan Madigan

The All Brand Vacuum store in Biddeford was just being funny and clever when they let their potential customers know that all of their vacuums suck. Not that they don't work properly or that they're unreliable, no.

Instead, they're letting people know that all the vacuums in the store do exactly what they're supposed to do, suck.

The store wasn't a victim of somebody rearranging their sign, the store was trying to send a message.

Hopefully you don't think their sign idea sucks.


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