For those that remember when the Old Port in Portland was a little less crowded and a little more fisherman-friendly, Three Dollar Dewey's was an absolute staple of a spot. It's always been home to some quality pub fare and a wide selection of beers on tap. Even as the Old Port expanded with new options, young and old patrons crowded Dewey's for some good beers and some salty popcorn.

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But according to the Portland Press Herald, an era has come to an end. A note was left on the door of Dewey's explaining that the family has decided to retire and move on from the business and that the business would be closed for good. There will be a lot of sad patrons over that decision.

The bar/restaurant claimed to get its signature name from an old Yukon fable where lonely men would approach women at a watering hole. For $1 they could lookie, for $2 they could feelie, and for $3, they could Dewey. The backstory has always brought a chuckle.

Dewey's opened in 1980 and was one of the oldest operating bars in Portland's Old Port until its closure.

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