No matter how large or small a municipality is, the one thing you can count on every New England town and city to have is a snow plow truck.  In fact, most towns and cities have several of these snow-moving behemoths.

Without them, we'd all be snowed in for the winter.  And, no one has time for that!

Normally, these trucks are all painted orange and black (or brown).  The plows themselves are normally painted orange (like the truck) or a bright yellow.

Realizing the plow used by one of their trucks needed to be repainted, one New Hampshire town came up with a creative alternative to repainting it orange.  Instead, they allowed the town's residents and visitors to decorate the plow.

Over a weekend in August, the Town of Madison (located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire) held its annual Old Home Week celebration.  In addition to a parade, fireworks, and a bean hole dinner, the town set up a bunch of activities at the town's public field.

One of the activities involved letting families paint on the plow.

Check it out:

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

It looks like at least some of the artists are Harry Potter fans

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

In addition to being a short drive from the outlets in North Conway and the fun of Story Land, Madison is also home to Silver Lake.  And, in the winter, it is a short drive from King Pine Ski Area.

Learn more about all the Town of Madison has to offer HERE

Honestly, we'd love to see every town start doing this.  What a cool way to let your town's young artists show off their creativity.

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