Whether it's fair or not, when people think of culinary excellence in Maine, they typically direct their attention to Portland. Just last year, Leeward was named one of the best new restaurants in America by the James Beard Foundation. But it isn't just restaurants in Portland cooking up incredible dishes. One small restaurant in Camden, Maine, is making noise as well.

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Shared by the Courier-Gazette, wolfpeach is a small restaurant in Camden that has suddenly grown a very high profile. Like Leeward in 2022, wolfpeach was nominated as one of the best new restaurants in the entire country by the James Beard Foundation. It's amongst only a handful of restaurants in the United States considered for the award.

Wolfpeach has received rave reviews from every corner of the internet by customers who have visited in the short year the restaurant has been open. The creative dishes, amazing taste, and exemplary service have all been complimented. Given the recognition wolfpeach has received thanks to the James Beard nomination, you'd imagine the restaurant is overwhelmed with reservations. But there's a thing about that.

Shared on Instagram, wolfpeach was thankful for the James Beard recognition and all of the customer love. The restaurant teased a major announcement through social media at the beginning of the year. That major announcement wound up being that wolfpeach, as guests have known it, was ending.

Yes, one of the best new restaurants in America was changing their concept. They're taking the month of March off and reopening in April with a new concept in mind, and likely a line of people interested to try their new offerings.


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