What's in a name?  Everything sometimes.  If you haven't noticed yet, it's happening.  Christmas Tree Shops changed its name, and it's been appearing on storefronts as well as the website and social media accounts.  What you may not know (and I certainly didn't until this name change) is that there are Christmas Tree Shops in various eastern and midwestern states from Florida to Wisconsin and Texas.  And to no one's surprise, the name of the store is confusing to those regions.   For us, Christmas Tree Shops are a part of our New England DNA, and no matter what, they'll always be The Christmas Tree Shops to New Englanders, even if they're now calling themselves CTS.

However, according to Forbes, those of us in New England states like the Boston area and New Hampshire will continue to see the name we love on our storefronts.  Yay!

Because of its geographical history, stores in the northeast will continue to go by the full Christmas Tree Shops name but all new and existing stores elsewhere are being branded CTS.

There are15 locations in Massachusetts, a few in New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, and one in Vermont, according to their website.

Jolana Miller Townsquare Media
Jolana Miller Townsquare Media

While this beloved Massachusetts specialty retailer is overhauling the brand and re-merchandising now that it's no longer a part of the Bed Bath & Beyond parent company, according to Forbes, the revamp in each location is happening. That is, except where it all began, which is welcome and smart news.  Meanwhile, the company that owns them, Handil, is taking the majority of their 80 Christmas Tree Shops and rebranding them as "CTS."   But with the expansion of 15 locations or more in other parts of the country this year, the name change is necessary, and some newer stores in the northeast may go with CTS.

It's not a surprise that the store name is confusing to non-New Englanders or those that spent any amount of time vacationing here, so I understand why it's happening.
Thank goodness it will still be a combination of discounted items and mainstream home furnishings, but you will definitely notice a larger variety of items.  I have a feeling the charm we love from so many of them will be missing. However, here's to hoping that they leave the older ones in New England alone, at least the names on the front of the stores.

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