Oxford Hills School District Superintendent Dr. Monica Henson has taken action in an effort to stop cyberbullying of students at both the middle school and high school.

Dr. Henson, who took the position of MSAD 17 Superintendent in July after the retirement of long-time superintendent Rick Colipts, announced a $100 reward for the identification of the operators of cyberbullying accounts on Instagram that have posted inappropriate photos of Oxford Hills students.

In a post to students on the Oxford Hills School District Facebook page, Henson stated that students that are found to be the operators of the Instagram accounts and any students who post derogatory comments on those Instagram pages are subject to disciplinary action that could include suspension or expulsion from school.

"Students, I expect a whole lot better of Oxford Hills," Henson writes. "I am doing everything I can to put a stop to the bullying culture in our district. I need your help to do that. I would much rather that we spend time and effort showing people that we care about them, helping each other, and finding positive things to do."

As a graduate of Oxford Hills, it's sad to see that this is happening. I can tell you from first-hand experience, being bullied in any form has lasting impressions on students well into adulthood. I attribute my social awkwardness to being bullied at Oxford Hills in the 80s. It's something you wouldn't recognize when I'm behind a microphone, but in a one-on-one situation, I'm always concerned about what people are thinking about me and have a hard time being social unless I know you very well.

I applaud Dr. Henson for taking swift action to put a stop to this and I hope the people behind these Instagram accounts are identified and dealt with appropriately.

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