If you've ever thought to yourself, there's not enough "redneck" things to do around these parts, perhaps a new business venture coming to Mechanic Falls can help fill that void. According to the Sun Journal, a piece of what was once Harvest Hills Farm will be transformed into a "redneck fun park" featuring an obstacle course and race track that will function in all seasons.

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The plan for the Redneck Fun Park is to construct a 200 x 400 foot obstacle course meant for motorized vehicles under four cylinders like dirt bikes and ATVs. They'll be able to use the track in the warmer months. In the winter, the track will be open to snowmobiles. The hope is that the Redneck Fun Park will be open before the summer ends this year.

But if you're already making plans to show up shirtless with a red solo cup in hand, well, you better think again. The owner plans to make this experience family-friendly, without any of the partying scene ruining it for others.

The expected cost to use the Redneck Fun Park is $10.

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