Maine has been privy to a couple of different surprise visits from New England Patriots players in recent months. Last night in Bangor, wide receiver Julian Edelman was the latest to take in some Vacationland fun.

Shared on Facebook by Evenrood's, Edelman dined in Bangor and apparently had some really delicious halibut. Recognized by patrons and the owners of the establishment, Edelman posed for some photos, crushed his dinner and took off to experience whatever else Bangor had to offer him on a Wednesday evening.

So why was Edelman in Bangor? Well...nobody seems to actually know. We haven't heard about any fundraisers, any rehab assignments, any press shoots. Perhaps Julian just wanted to drive up I-95 and see the sights. Whatever the reason, people in Maine were excited to see him. We'll be even more excited to see him on the football field next season.

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