A man belted out Pearl Jam's "Even Flow" as he was led away in handcuffs on a recent episode of A&E's Live PD. To be fair, he was probably looking at a night spent resting his head on a pillow made of concrete following this arrest for trespassing. Watch the whole thing above.

The man is actually peeved at first that the incident is being caught on camera, but soon realizes the opportunity before him. "Why you guys filming my ---?" he demands. "I don't want that sh--. Shut it off." Then, as he's about to get into a police cruiser, he asks: "You guys wanna hear a song?" "Even Flow," which sheds light on homelessness, originally appeared on Pearl Jam's 1991 album Ten.

He's no casual listener, however. The man goes on to lavish praise on Eddie Vedder: "He's the baddest motherf---er alive; he's my religion," he offers. "Eddie Vedder, live or die, man, live or die – right, bro? That's my religion."

The cops kindly engage the man, asking him how many times he's seen the band live — the answer is six or seven — but decline to "tear it down" when he asks them to remove his shirt, presumably to show a Pearl Jam-related tattoo. They also laugh at his assertion that Pearl Jam put out something called "I Got S---," but offer to play the song for him if they can find it.

"I Got Id," from Pearl Jam's 1995 Merkin Ball EP with Neil Young, is colloquially known as "I Got S---" among Pearl Jam fans. The lyrics include the line "I got memories, I got s---," and Pearl Jam reportedly brought the song to Epic with that title – but the label made them change it to "I Got Id."

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