I'm not a big bird guy, but some creatures you can't help but be mesmerized by. In order to spot a rare Stellar's Sea Eagle, you'd need to be in the right place at the right time. According to Wikipedia, this species of eagle is native to Northeast Asia and has a current population estimating at 5,000 and decreasing. Experts suspect that is due to climate change. The largest eagle in the world is said to be the Philippines Eagle, but this sucker outweighs them by an average of 2.2 pounds. Their wingspan ranges anywhere between six and eight feet.

If you are anything like me, you are DYING to know what they sound like. According to my research, they sound exactly how you would imagine they would. Wikipedia describes their calls as "deep barking cries", and I would expect nothing less. Visually, these remind me of something out of a Disney movie. He is giving Iago, the bird from Aladdin. If you know, you know.

Lori Mc Ananey via Facebook, Canva
Lori Mc Ananey via Facebook, Canva

According to WMUR, bird enthusiasts from far and wide were gathering to spot this rare eagle hanging out between Arrowsic and Georgetown, Maine, a few months ago. More than a hundred people traveled far and wide, some as far as Florida. That's dedication. The throng of bird enthusiasts caused a bit of a traffic jam, and some people were willing to walk over a mile in the cold to see her (I heard it was a lady bird). Apparently, she was fond of Maine's midcoast and spent three months in the same region last winter. I wonder where she is now...

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