Trader Joe's opened nearly a decade ago on Marginal Way in Portland to plenty of fanfare. The store continues to be extremely popular with locals today. But there has been one nagging issue that the store and all of its loyal customers have had to endure since day one. That way-too-small, overcrowded, and potentially dangerous parking lot right outside the store. It's leading to frustrated customers inventing their own parking spots, and they're not great inventors.

Shared on Facebook by Mike Hogan, take a look at this gem of a parking job. If we had to guess, the person who parked their truck directly in front of the dumpster probably spent a solid 10-15 minutes circling the lot before deciding to make a go at this awful parking job. Mike also suggest in his post that the other car pictured out of place was also "parked". Our guess is that person was hovering, waiting to snap up any open spot that may come up like a vulture. That's an everyday occurrence in the worst parking lot in Portland.

This isn't anything new. All the way back in 2013, the Portland Press Herald wrote about customer frustrations that the parking lot at Trader Joe's was a giant headache that was leading to cars being towed and booted. Hard to believe that in nearly ten years of business, there hasn't been a good solution for the parking problem put forth.



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