Dining out just hasn't been the same since the stay-at-home orders have rolled out. While we can still enjoy many of our favorite restaurants with delivery and takeout options, we're missing that coveted atmosphere. We can't go out with our families and we certainly can't meet up with friends.

Well, now you can.

Maine favorite, Fat Boy Drive-In in Brunswick has new owners and they plan to reopen as early as next week.

You don't have to change your business model when you practiced social distancing long before it was even needed.

According to News Center Maine, Mike Jerome is taking over the iconic drive-in and is hoping for Thursday, April 30th to be the official opening day.

Jerome promises the same Fat Boy we've all grown to love over the years but with improvements! They will now be accepting credit cards.


So call up your friends and plan to park next to each other. Pile the family up in the car and feel a bit normal for a night out.

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