Pride Portland on Saturday brought thousands out to show an immense outpouring of love, acceptance, and solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community. The parade featured Maine businesses, groups, and organizations flying rainbow flags, passing out pins, stickers, playing music, and having a grand old time. Here are some photos captured by Mainers on Instagram from the love-filled day.

First, let's show some love for those flags:


And, of course, the sheer glory of this unfurled banner that turned downtown Congress street into Rainbow Road (Mario Kart, anyone?):

Then there were the Maine companies and organizations whose employees or members came out in droves to show their pride and stand with their coworkers:

Finally, as always, Pride made for the best people watching all year round. With the makeup, costumes, outfits, and hair, there's color everywhere. If you don't end up with glitter somewhere on you when you get back home, you're doing it wrong.

Oh, did I just say people watching? The dogs were out in all of their colors too. Here are some gems:

This on'es perched on Mayor Strimling's Pride-clad scooter!

Finally, it wouldn't be a Maine pride parade without Bean boots laced up in rainbows.




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