With the constant traffic that seems way worse this year than previous years, you expect there's going to be some road rage and crazy driving, but you don't expect there to be armed robberies.

However, you also don't expect an initial report about a delivery truck being shot at and robbed to later get new information that completely casts doubt on that earlier report.

The Portland Press Herald had initially reported on August 22 that a Poland Spring delivery truck was robbed after a red and grey car fired gun shots at the truck on I-95 in Howland, Maine.

However, Maine State Police later had gathered more evidence that cast doubt on that initial story, according to a follow-up story by the Portland Press Herald on August 23. Police said the robbery and shooting did not occur as had been earlier told, and that the truck did not in fact belong to Poland Spring, as was previously reported.

The newspaper more recently stated that the police said: “the water tanker was carrying water from Poland Spring’s plant in Lincoln, but the company does not own the truck and it was not marked with its name or logo.”

State police are still investigating.



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