If you frequent the Portland downtown area, there's a very good chance you've spotted the El Corazon food truck somewhere. For more than four years, it has been a staple of Maine's food truck community and has become quite popular thanks to its authentic Mexican recipes. But as with most food truck owners, the dream is to eventually open your very own restaurant, and for El Corazon, that dream is about to come true.

According to Portland Food Map, El Corazon will open a brick-and-mortar restaurant next to Miyake on State Street in Portland. They plan to continue serving some of the favorites that have made their food truck so popular, as well as adding new small and large options to their menu. Perhaps the most enticing for some people will be the "oversized tequila section". Their words, not ours. But that sounds delicious.

El Corazon is hopeful that their new restaurant will be open sometime in May.

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