There never seems to be a dull moment in the Portland food scene. Sonny's Restaurant, an old favorite for nearly a decade now, will close their doors after New Years Eve to make way for a new project, a throwback soda fountain and burger joint called Black Cow that will open early in 2018.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the current owners of Sonny's had decided the "time had come" to make a change. Sonny's has been serving Latin-inspired cuisine and was often a well-populated restaurant/bar, so it may come as a major surprise that the owners would want to shift away from what is seemingly a good thing. But sometimes change can be good.

The new soda fountain will make everything they can from scratch, from burgers to rolls to their own ice cream. It could be a challenging marketplace for Black Cow, as several burger chains have opened in the Old Port in the past few years.

But what about Sonny's bar? Well, on the good news front, Sonny's bar doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Whether or not it gets a new name is up in the air, but after a six week renovation at the beginning of 2018, Black Cow will open, and the plan is for Sonny's Bar, complete with their delicious signature cocktails, to remain in place.

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