Scams have been happening for many years, but unfortunately, they have grown exponentially in recent years. It has become much easier for scammers to target people using many different methods. has a list of scams that have been documented as being done here in Maine.

There are several to look out for but we’ll start with a few that tend to be easier for scammers, and those are oftentimes targeting the senior citizen demographic. Whether they receive a phone call or are prompted to click on a text message or link online, the older folks are often more susceptible to these scams.

According to, scammers have reportedly called Maine residents and acted as Medicare or medical providers offering them medical alert systems. In reality, they are selling fake devices while collecting credit card numbers and social security numbers. states that scammers have even gone as far as calling vulnerable senior citizens claiming to be their grandchild and stating that they are in jail and in need of bail money.

They also said to be aware of dating scams. People will chat online with an unknowing victim, while making them feel comfortable and like they can trust them. Once the time is right, they will ask to borrow money. Never lend money to someone that you have never met in person.

Also watch for caller ID spoofing. Scammers are now able to make it look like they are calling from a legitimate business/phone number, but it doesn’t mean that they are.

Here is a complete list of scams that has released to be aware of. Scrolling through these could save you from getting your identity and/or money stolen. Either way, when in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to never give out your personal information or send money to anyone. Oh, and be extra careful what you click on. It's also a good idea to refresh the memories of the older folks in your life and remind them of the risks, as they can be extra vulnerable to becoming victims.

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