Wait...Portland MAINE - not Oregon? How can that be?


Geek Wire reported that INRIX, a traffic technology and data company in Washington state, put out their 2020 Global Traffic Scorecard. It shows that COVID-19 and the stay-at-home-orders had a huge impact on traffic. And not just here in the US - across the globe!

It also included some cool tid bits. Like, in 2020 we lost 26 hours stuck in traffic. That sounds like a lot, but that's nothing compared to 2019 where we lost almost 100 hours to sitting in traffic.


Now let's get to all the traffic congestion part of the report. New York tops the list of U.S. cities. They lost 100 hours! That's bad, but it's not as bad as cities like Bogota, Columbia, (133 hours lost) and Bucharest, Romania (134 hours).


Portland is the 23rd most congested city in the entire country? That seems ridiculous - and to be honest after attempting to read the report...I don't see it.

On Reddit, this report is being trashed as 'fake news' and total BS. Sure, it gets crowded along Commercial Street in the Old Port - but we CAN'T possibly have more traffic than any city in all of California!

Is traffic really that bad here?



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