Every fan of live music knows, there's nothing quite like being at a show. Which made 2020 almost unbearably difficult for so many in Maine and specifically the City of Portland. Prior to the pandemic, Portland was flush with a phenomenal group of live music venues. But as the weeks and then months wore on, it became clear that not every single one of those venues was going to see the other side. That included the Portland House of Music and Events, which was listed for sale by owner Ken Bell last July. The club didn't sell and after some fundraising, creative merchandising and Bell himself gutting out more than a year without shows, Portland House of Music will officially reopen this summer.

The Facebook page for Portland House of Music and Events has been announcing new shows and events for the past few weeks, most of which will take place in August and September. Their website lists the first show happening at the venue in July. With restrictions on indoor gatherings continuing to ease, Portland House of Music could be rocking an full capacity again before too long.

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Portland House of Music reopening will be welcomed news for concert goers as not every venue was able to navigate the pandemic. Big Babe's Tavern in South Portland unfortunately had to close and is set to become the new location for Taco Trio soon. Port City Music Hall also closed permanently and will be the future home of an expanded Arcadia National Bar location. Longfellow Square nearly fell victim to the effects of the pandemic if not for a tremendous fundraising effort.

What does it all mean? Ultimately, if you love live music, comedy, etc, start thinking about buying tickets and supporting the venues as quickly as you can.

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