Could Portland's hottest seafood restaurant also be Maine's best? According to one website, the answer is yes.

The online lifestyle magazine 24/7 Tempo has released an article about the best seafood restaurants in every state. The list is a who's who of some of the most popular restaurants in the country, and Maine's selection is no exception.

The Pine Tree State's selection is the extremely popular Eventide Oyster Company, a restaurant in Portland's Old Port district. The restaurant, known for fresh oysters, cold and hot seafood preparations, and other local favorites, has been a hot spot for both locals and tourists since opening over a decade ago.

Eventide Oyster Co. via Facebook
Eventide Oyster Co. via Facebook

The menu items also include plenty of delicious Maine lobster preparations, like brown butter lobster rolls and hearty lobster stew. Both are absolute favorites for many.

Eventide is known for having extremely long wait times, especially in the heart of the summer when Portland looks more like New York City than a small city. The majority of seating at the small establishment is first come, first serve. There are limited reservations, but they're incredibly difficult to get. The bottom line is that more than likely, you will be waiting to eat at this joint. But if you love seafood, it will be worth it. Plus, as we all know a long wait means a delicious restaurant. And in this case, it's no exception.

Eventide Oyster CO. via Facebook
Eventide Oyster CO. via Facebook

Here is an excerpt from 24/7 Tempo on why the site chose Eventide as Maine's best seafood restaurant.

A true New England-style oyster bar, Eventide offers a rotating selection of local Maine oysters, crab claws and clams on ice with all the fixings...Some Asian-fusion items including steamed bao buns and tuna tartare with nuoc cham round out the menu.

That little write-up perfectly explains why Eventide is a great selection for Maine's best seafood restaurant. I'm sure there are plenty of people in this state and beyond who are still trying to get there for the first time.

There is some relief for some, because Eventide has opened a second location. That second shop can be found right in the heart of Boston on Boylston Street. Perhaps Eventide will also become Massachusetts' best seafood joint as well.

Congrats to Eventide on even more tremendous press. It's not like they need it, but they certainly deserve it.

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