The Portland food community took another hit recently with the announcement of a local joint closing its doors.

As written in the post, Cabana will be closing, with the owner René Peña leaving to take over his family business due to unforeseen health issues. While very sad to read about, that is extremely noble of Peña to do for his family.

Peña first opened Cabana back in 2022. The small restaurant was located right next to the Portland Police Station at 111 Middle Street. Cabana was known for having an outstanding cocktail menu and delicious small plates. Those included tasty empanadas, arepas, beans and rice, and other Latin favorites.

Cabana also shined with its ambiance. The small dining area was exceptionally put together, with bright accents and stylish lights. Plus, the service was always top notch. Cabana was a great addition to Portland, and it's certainly a shame to see it go.

What the future holds for the space is anyone's guess. The Instagram post does point out that while Cabana is closing, it doesn't mark the end of a potential food and drink space at the Old Port location. Ownership will be passed on, so it will be interesting to follow the news on where the space goes from here.

Whatever does take over will have serious shoes to fill, considering that space has not just housed Cabana, but also the very popular Piccolo that sadly closed due to the pandemic.

Here's hoping the future holds better luck for the next concept.

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