More accolades are coming in for Maine's biggest city, as a respected magazine has called it one of America's preeminent foodie cities.

The popular Redbook Magazine released an article that included what they called the 15 best foodie cities in America. The magazine chose locations that are currently setting industry trends and building solid reputations. With that being the case, there's no shock to see Portland made the cut.

Portland has been a monster in the culinary world for some time now. Ever since the city decided to modernize, this sleepy fishing town has transformed into a tourist hotspot. Nearly every neighborhood in Portland offers delicious eateries, tasty breweries, and beautiful charm.

Everywhere you look, there seems to be another restaurant, bakery, cafe, or coffee shop opening. And the diversity in concept is exceptional. The variety of cuisines take you on a trip around the world, with so many options to choose from.

The diversity doesn't end there. Portland also succeeds in offering delicious restaurants at many different price points from iconic greasy spoons to world class fine dining. There is literally something for everyone.

You can say similar things about the beverage scene as well, where Portland has seen an influx of gourmet coffee, craft beer, cider makers, and adult seltzer companies. Many of these locations are filled to the brim with folks practically year-round, proving it's not just tourists enjoying these fine establishments.

Portland is New England's lone representative in the Redbook article. Not even Boston could crack this exclusive list, once again proving that Portland is the far superior town.

Congrats to Portland on this fine recognition. It just further illustrates how lucky we have it around here, especially when it comes to ingesting copious amounts of calories.

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