The ever-changing look of the iconic fictional city known as Gotham will receive another makeover for an upcoming release of the Batman: White Knight comic book series. And this time, Gotham will be like looking in the mirror for those that call Portland home, as a transplanted resident is behind the art featured in the new series.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Sean Murphy moved to Portland about a year ago from Brooklyn and fell in love with the city's architecture and charm. So when he was put in charge of reimagining Gotham City for the new White Knight series, he decided the city he nows call home would be a perfect inspiration.

If you pick up the first comic in the series due out October 4th, you'll immediately catch glimpses of Portland's City Hall and the Press Hotel. Also prominently featured in the series will be the historic H.H. Hay Building on Congress and Free Streets, as well as the Eastern Cemetery overlooking the waterfront. And if the comic is a smashing success, Murphy could continue to use his Portland periscope as the vision for Gotham City.

Murphy has already planned a signing event of the new comic book on October 14th from 6-8 p.m. at Coast City Comics on Congress Street in Portland. Admission to the signing will be free, with the comic book retailing at $3.99.

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