Did you enjoy your Valentine's Day in Portland? It's become quite the tradition to see red hearts pop up across the city, on store fronts, on Fort Gorges, at pubs, playgrounds and on people's cars. But according to WGME, a modern day Ebenezer Scrooge wasn't feeling the love when the "Valentine's Day bandit" placed a heart on his car.

That's because the man said he was forced to clean his car after the scotch tape used to place the paper red heart on his car froze a little, and he has difficultly getting the tape off. Because of something that likely cost him minutes of anguish, he believes that the Valentine's Day bandit should be charged with vandalism if they do it again next year.

So perhaps the Valentine's Day bandit will have to back to the drawing board and figure out a new way to display the red paper hearts citywide because some people can't get scotch tape off of their car window. Perhaps we should just skip it all together next year and live in a fun vacuum instead. Maybe love is overrated and we should distribute black hearts to everyone on a daily basis. Just throwing ideas out there.

For their part, the City of Portland didn't receive the complaint very well, stating that maybe the Valentine's Day bandit "will be more careful with people's cars next year....but that it is a beloved tradition everyone looks forward to".


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