Remember that 2018 season for the Boston Red Sox? It seemed like nothing could go wrong. When the Sox were down, they always came back. When guys got injured, new guys stepped up. Alex Cora was pressing buttons we didn't even know existed. Fast-forward to the 2019 season and....yikes! The Red Sox are miserable, and that includes their ace pitcher Chris Sale who spent last night getting a neck injury from watching the Yankees triple-A team smash the ball around Yankee Stadium. It was so hard to watch, that the Portland Police Department decided to chime in this morning on Twitter.

Plenty of Maine police departments have used social media for sarcastic messages but this one just stings. The Portland Police even included the Boston Police in their faux missing persons report looking for the real Chris Sale. For fans of literally any other team outside of New England, the start to the 2019 baseball season has been glorious. Here in New England, it feels as if we are being sucked into a black hole and have no way of stopping it.

Here's to hoping the case is closed quickly and that the real Chris Sale, with a filthy changeup, nasty slider and dominant fastball shows back up again. 'bout them New England Patriots?

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