There's just some alluring about an all-you-can-eat night at a restaurant. Whether it's your brain thinking you're getting the ultimate value or it's that inner competitiveness in you that likes to accept and dominate a challenge. Generally, these all-you-can-eat deals are for pizza but could you get down with all-you-can-eat chicken tenders?

Rivalries in Portland's Old Port certainly hopes so. Rivalries took to Facebook this weekend to announce that every Monday and Tuesday from 4pm until close, they'll be offering up all-you-can-eat chicken tenders. Rivalries has grown a following over the years for their delicious tenders and offering them up in an all-you-can-eat option feels like an outright challenge.

This deal is only good at the Rivalries location in Portland. Now may be a perfect time to ask yourself, "how many is too many chicken fingers in one sitting?". After you've answered that all important question, you can plan out your dinner accordingly. Happy eating.

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