You heard of relationship detectives, where you think you're partners cheating. They want to go through the phone, interview all the witnesses to find out exactly what there looking for. They usually find out it's either everything they're looking for or nothing, there is no in-between.

Well, this morning, I woke up and turned on News Center Maine to see a story about the weed detective.

You heard what I said. They're calling him the Weed Detective.

Portland resident Jay York had a marijuana plant stolen from his yard on Sunday and decided he would follow the clues to find his prize $1000 greenery, according to the news station.

He reportedly found the home where the plant was held captive and proceeded to knock on the door.

Jay York told News Center Maine that the man who answered said, "It wasn't me, I swear!"

If that doesn't scream guilt slash, here's the murder weapon slash, here are the fingerprints, I don't know what does!

After retrieving his plant, he realized that it had been traumatized, according to the news station, and he hopes to harvest it this week to see how much of it he can save.

Mr. York shares his prize plant with friends and family as he has been growing since it has become legal in the state of Maine, the news station added.

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