The restaurant where I first learned how to eat a lobster is now for sale.

For 45 years Espo's Trattoria on CongressvStreet has been a family business serving up gigantic meatballs and making the twin lobster special famous.

The Press Herald reported yesterday that the 5,500 square foot building, complete with a second floor apartment is for sale at a cost of $1.2 million. Owner Bob Esposito said he wants to sell because the timing of the market is good. He also added that neighborhood restaurants like Espo's are doing well even away from downtown and the Old Port. The article says Espo's pulls in $1.1 million in sales each year.

Bob says he still enjoys the business, he just doesn't have the time to spend there. He added none of his kids have shown interest in owning the restaurant, if they did, he would give it to them according to the article.

I have been going to Espo's as long as I can remember, since way back when it was called Esposito's. The restaurant has gone through a few renovations through the years. I can remember when the entry way was on the side of the building facing Congress Street, and there was a bar in the back with a couple video games and a cigarette machine. All of that has been gone for sometime now, but the food remains as delicious as always.

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