Here at WCYY, we're crazy excited for Spring... And I mean crazy excited. With the weather looking like it'll hit the low 70s this week, we can finally shed our 17 layers and expose our paper-pale skin to the sun. The sunburn from those glorious 5 minutes of exposure will hurt, but will be well worth getting the beach bod into high gear.

Anyway, in preparation for beach season, here are WCYY's 5 picks for sandy fun across the state!

Pine Point / Old Orchard Beach - Scarborough / Old Orchard Beach
Anyone thinking this wouldn't be on the list, think again! Despite its penchant for collecting tourists from both Massachusetts and Canada, Maine's busiest beach continues to be a vibrant hot spot for summer activity. We'll definitely be making our way down there this summer, so keep an eye out for the CYY van!

Tassel Top Beach - Raymond
For the introverts looking for a quick escape, look no further than Raymond's Tassel Top Beach. Tucked into the east shore of Sebago Lake, this beach offers fresh water fun like tubing and water skiing in addition to a tan!

Sand Beach - Acadia National Park
This spot would make the list for looks alone. Located in beautiful Acadia National Park, Sand Beach offers the best backdrop of any beach in the state. It's the perfect spot for picnics, or wedding proposals gone awry where the groom-to-be drops the ring in the sand and loses it.

York Beach - York
Another popular destination for out-of-state tourists, the town of York also offers a lovely village downtown area, and of course, York's Wild Animal Kingdom! A beach day where you also get to scope out some tigers? Sign us up!

East End Beach - Portland
It may not be the most scenic beach in the state, but who can argue with a beach that's within walking distance of the WCYY studio? Sitting right at the bottom of the Eastern Promenade, it's the cherry on top of one of Portland's most iconic locations.

Well, there's out list! Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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