What the actual what?

According to WMUR 9, 86-year-old Roy Syvertson from South Hampton, sat down in his living room to look at his iPad like he always does.

SIDENOTE: Kudos to Roy for being almost 90 years old and using an iPad! My parents wouldn't even use a cell phone!

Well, somehow a bat had gotten into the cover the of the iPad and when he closed it up and flipped the cover he felt what he said felt like a bee sting, the news station reported.

Then he saw a bat was coming out of the cover and the back of the iPad, according to WMUR. So, he pressed down on the cover to keep it from flying away and took it outside.

Roy was sure he didn't like getting squished, but he needed it out of the house. When he went out the next day, the news station reported, the little bat was still there, and he thought he was doing okay. But later that night the bat was dead and that's when a red flag went up.

He thought that might be a problem, and that the bat could be rabid. WMUR stated that he called the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game, and they told him to go to the hospital immediately. The bat was tested and was rabid.

Roy said in the article,

It was good thing I didn't decide to cuddle him a little.


He's feeling fine but still has no clue how he got into his iPad, according to WMUR. He was joking that the bat knew his password.

Oh Roy...you are a funny one!

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