Back in December of 2017, a Canadian fisherman was lobstering off of the coast of Maine when he noticed something peculiar about his latest catch. One of the lobsters in the haul didn't look like the others. Like, not even close. He took a photo of the lobster and then curiously pondered what to do with it next. According to the Portland Press Herald, it was his 5-year old daughters reaction to seeing the cotton candy-colored lobster that made his decision for him. This lobster was an attraction, not a meal.

Robinson Russell took his rare catch and donated it to the Huntsman Marine Science Centre's aquarium for further viewing. He nicknamed the cotton candy lobster "lucky", for obvious reasons. The aquarium is located in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, whom has had lucky as a centerpiece of their lobster display for the last 6 months.

So what took so long for everyone to hear about this discovery? Well, social media works in funny ways. Russell's initial photo was posted to his own Instagram account but wasn't discovered until just a couple of weeks ago when a Maine-based lobsterman reposted the picture on his own Instagram. Since then, even larger Instagram accounts have reposted the photo as well, including igersMaine.

So while he may look good enough to eat, Lucky is now a tourism treasure.

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