Funtown/Splashtown took to Facebook to announce some pretty big news, the Astrosphere, perhaps the most iconic ride at Funtown, will be getting a makeover during the winter and return as Astrosphere 2.0 for the 2019 season, it's 44th in the theme park.

Funtown/Splashtown shared this YouTube clip on their website, to get you hyped, although the details are all in the press release. Funtown will be doing away with the inflatable dome that has spent 43 years as a showpiece for the park and will be replacing it with a concrete dome. It will be less labor intensive for park staff and will also be able to survive challenging weather days during the entire year.

The concrete dome will be beneficial to riders as well. The inflatable dome suffered from the elements outside. On hot days, the temperature inside could be brutal. The concrete dome will allow Funtown to control temps for a much more comfortable ride (as comfortable as it can get) inside the new Astrosphere.

So is the ride going to change? The short answer is "no". Astrosphere 2.0 will still feature "Fire On High" by E.L.O. as a catalyst and still feature the scrambler as the ride. Could there be enhancements to the light show and sound? Well, technology has certainly gotten better in the last four decades. So stay tuned on that.

Funtown/Splashtown expects to complete the project throughout the winter and spring in time for opening weekend in May 2019.

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