Several years have gone by, but there's a good chance you remember walking through Monument Square or up and down Congress St. with the sound of a prominent whistle off in the distance and getting louder as you approach. Robert Smith "The Whistler," took his whistling very seriously, and essentially filled his day listening to classic rock in his headphones while whistling along to the tunes.

Not everyone found him to be amusing. Some people went as far as complaining about his constant whistling, which resulted in run-ins with the police for "disturbing the peace". He was actually arrested in 2012 for disorderly conduct for whistling too loudly in one place. According to the Portland Press Herald, following his arrest, he agreed to whistle while in motion. The article also gave others an opportunity to get to know the man that wasn’t known much for his words.

There was also the rumor that when he is whistling, he's actively selling drugs. Rumors are easily spread, especially when most people have never had an actual conversation with the man. It turned out that that was likely not the case.

Not only did this catch the attention of The Portland Press Herald back in 2013, it made national news as well, with coverage from both the NY Daily News and The Washington Times.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve even heard his name come up, until this past weekend when a friend said, “Hey! Do you remember The Whistler?!” Not sure what became of him or where he is now, but it’s likely he’s doing his thing somewhere.

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