Maine retail staple, Renys, has been working hard to find a way to meet customers' needs and respect social distance since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Today they rolled out a unique virtual shopping experience. This isn't typical online shopping. The employees at each Renys location have taken photos up and down various aisles and posted them to their website where you can then pick what you want!

Here's how it works. You visit and click on Curbside Pickup. There, you will see a list of locations. Click on yours and write down the items you would like. (Hot tip: At the time of posting it looks like some locations have toilet paper!)

Once you have your list, give them a call between 9 am and 11 am during the week. They just ask you to limit your shopping to 20 items or less and you will have to pay over the phone.

Glad to know I can still get my Renys fix during a pandemic. Thanks, Renys!

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