Reny's..."a Maine Adventure" is currently on the look out for another location to open it's 18th store in Maine.

According to a report by Mainebiz, Reny's is focusing in on somewhere in central Maine. Although they haven't disclosed exactly where yet, it will most likely be in one of the newly vacated shopping plaza locations. They did say that they a pretty certain they will open the new store this year so if that is the plan, we should know the location very soon.

Reny's says it needs at least 25,000 square feet for a store and that means most "downtown" locations would just be too small for a new store. Besides, with all the vacant chain store space available it just makes sense to go where the space is.

The plan is to keep expanding but they said they will not open more than one new location per year. Ten years ago they open two, one in Portland, and another in Topsham, and they will never do that again. Reny's said they are still a small Maine company in the sense that they don't have a special team to go open new stores.

As soon as we find out the new location, we will be sure to pass it on.

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