Most of us in Maine spent this weekend preparing for Saturday's Patriots game, enjoying the last remnants of a warm week gone by, or just sitting back and relaxing on a long holiday weekend. But if you lived in the Augusta/Waterville area, there was no celebration whatsoever. Instead, there was sheer disbelief.

Shocking images and videos were shared from the area throughout Saturday and Sunday. The Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe from Hallowell shared these photos of cars completely underwater, apparently frozen. It's a stunning image, because that kind of flooding, especially in the winter months, just doesn't typically happen in Maine.

Another stunning piece of video was shared by David J. Terry. He was traveling along South Horseback Road in Unity when he quickly realized he was in trouble because of the intense flooding on the road combined with significant ice build up. Terry cautiously made his way through the flooded road, but shared the video on Facebook to warn others how poor the conditions were in the area.

Additionally, Stephen Thompson took some incredible snapshots in Hallowell, truly capturing the extent of the damage during the ice jam and flooding in the area. We've linked to his Facebook page so you can check out the rest of his photos.

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